Beware your nasty inner critics - Pinterest pinIf you’ve got dreams to build or goals to achieve, you need to stop listening to your nasty inner critics and start listening to your inner voices of hope, instead. If you’ve ever compared yourself to someone you admire and wondered how the hell they got to where they are, you know the kind of emotional whirlwind that kind of speculation can create.

Part of you looks at that super-star with a mix of admiration and envy, and part of you just feels discouraged and despairing.

Is it really you?

No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to figure out how to get yourself from HERE to THERE — you never seem to be able find that magic key or elusive path that will allow you to create the kind of success that the other person, or other people have.

And they’re so freaking confident and accomplished and put together. Not like you. Your life seems an absolute chaotic mess by comparison.

So you figure it must be you. There’s something in YOU that is lacking. Something that you’re doing, or not doing that’s keeping you stuck.

So you decide that you’re just not good enough to make really special or important things happen. You’re just not meant to have the kind of success that those other people have.

They’ll never be happy

But here’s the thing: listening to those scary inner voices of yours is the surest route you can take to absolute failure. Because those voices will never, ever be satisfied.

No matter what you do, those voices in your head will never be happy with you. There’s a negative committee that meets in your mind sometimes, and all they like to do is bitch and complain about you.

It’s how they get their kicks.

Like all pessimists, they’re more interested in maintaining the status quo and keeping things exactly the way they are. They have no interest in making things any better. They don’t even believe that it’s possible to make things better.

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And your desire to succeed (at anything) just makes them angry. You could win every award ever invented and they still wouldn’t be happy with you. They’d still try to convince you that you’re useless and undeserving.

Silence the negative committee

So just stop listening to them.

They are the voices of a lifetime of outside negativity and doubt that you have turned into your own. And they don’t know anything about you — except how to make you doubt yourself.

Those voices are wrong about you.

Because you CAN succeed in building your dreams and achieving your goals. You already have within you everything that you need in order to get there.

Listen for the voices of hope

You just need to stop listening to those nasty inner critics for a while, so that you can finally start hearing that other voice inside you — the one that tells you that you CAN.

That’s the real voice. The voice of hope. And if you let yourself listen, it will tell you what you need to know.

But you have to tell that negativity committee of yours where to go, first. My new book, The Positive Affirmations Handbook can help you with that. Grab your copy today!


photo credit: cc (modified by me)

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