Energy Shifts and Law of AttractionToday we’re talking about energy shifts and Law of Attraction. More specifically, we’re talking about why there is so often a time delay between wanting to make an energy shift and when it actually seems to happen.

I think the main reason that trying to raise your vibrational energy level takes so long sometimes is that people tend to try and force it; we want to make that shift so badly that we build up all sorts of resistance in the process. In other words, we get too focused on the “why-oh-why hasn’t it happened yet when I’m trying so hard to make it happen” that we can’t make the shift. We try too hard, and then we get sucked into the negative-feeling aspects of not being able to manifest what we want as quickly as we want; we start to worry that we’re “not doing it right”, so we start to push against the vibration we’re currently in, and we end up getting ourselves stuck there (because what we resist persists).

And then we start getting crafty. We try to scheme our way through the shift, thinking that if we just understand enough about how it works, we’ll figure out a faster way to do it. But there are no shortcuts in energy work – it happens when it’s ready to happen; when you are ready for it to happen, and not a moment sooner. And being ready is a feeling thing, not a thinking thing.

We need to trust ourselves and trust the process, because energy shifts tend to work best when we just let go; when stop pushing at it and worrying about it…


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