Understanding Your Emotional Guidance SystemWhen we talk about emotions, we often speak in terms of “positive” or “negative” emotions, as if some of our feelings are “good” and some are “bad”. But, in reality, our emotions are neither good nor bad; yes, there may be some that we prefer to feel over others, but in and of themselves, our emotions – all of them — are equally valid and valuable to us. Both the emotions we like to feel (what we call the “good” ones) and the ones we don’t like to feel (what we call the “bad” ones) are part of our emotional guidance system, and they all provide us with important information about the current state of our vibrational energy and alignment.

You are the ocean in a drop

Here’s the thing. You are a part of Source… you are not some minor, insignificant player in the grand scheme of things; you are an integral part of the source of all that is. If you took a drop of water out of the ocean and carried it away to the prairies, it would still be Ocean; indistinguishable under a microscope from the vast and powerful source it came from. That little drop IS ocean. And you are Source, even though you don’t remember it.

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. ~Rumi

You came here because you wanted to. You came here for a unique experience and adventure that you could only get by immersing yourself so completely into your “character” that you could not remember who or what you were before, until you finished creating the story and were ready to return. It must have been an exciting prospect, coming here. But you weren’t scared because you knew that, even though you wouldn’t consciously remember who you were, you could never lose that connection completely, and that you would always be given information to help keep yourself aligned with that higher self.

What your emotional guidance system is

That’s what your emotional guidance system is: a finely tuned mechanism for providing you with feedback about how closely you are aligned with Source energy and Who You Really Are. Your emotions are there to help you ensure a strong connection with the pure, loving energy of the real you, and of where you came from. Your feelings monitor the signal strength of your vibrational alignment with all of that. Source is always broadcasting loving energy towards you (it IS you), and you are always receiving this energy signal to greater or lesser extents.

In essence, your emotions are an early-warning detection system designed to alert you when you start to lose signal strength. Paying attention to the subtleties of our emotions, no matter what they happen to be, allows us to maintain that connection and use it to our advantage: the better we feel the more aligned we are, and the worse we feel, the less aligned we are. At the core of it all, it’s that simple.

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