How to Cope with People Problems - Pinterest pinI’ve received emails from several different people over the past week telling me that the biggest thing they’re struggling with right now is people problems — their relationships with other individuals in their lives. When I get clusters of people asking about the same thing like that, it’s usually a sign that there are bunches of other people out there dealing with the same thing who haven’t emailed me about it yet, which means it’s something that I need to cover in a blog. So that’s what we’re doing today. 🙂

Now, we all have many different kinds of relationships in our lives. Some of them are romantic, some involve family and friends, and some involve coworkers and other acquaintances. And what all of these relationships have in common is that they all have an impact on our emotions and how we live our lives, so it’s natural for people to want to know how to fix things when any of these relationships start to have problems.

I’ve talked about all of these kinds of life relationships before on the blog, and given the recent resurgence in emails about these topics, I thought it would be a good time for a “best of” round up of those posts. So here you go…

Romantic relationships

  • How to Manifest a Great Relationship. In this podcast we talked about what it takes to manifest a great relationship into your life and, more specifically, about the mindset shift that’s necessary if you want to draw that kind of partnership to you.
  • Can I Manifest a Better Relationship with LOA? In this article we talked about how to manifest a better relationship (or improve an existing one) using Law of Attraction.
  • Can You Fix a Break Up With LOA? In this article we talked about how fixing a break up deals with that gray area between what we want versus what someone else wants, and we discussed what actually ends up getting manifested when people want different things in a particular situation.

Relationships with family and friends

  • The Right Kind of Relationships. In this podcast episode we talked about creating the right kind of relationships in general (not necessarily romantic ones), and about how the people we interact with affect who we become and can even determine whether or not we will achieve the things we want to in life.
  • Dealing with Difficult Family Members. In this podcast episode we talked about strategies for coping with rocky relationships with difficult family members.
  • Building Your Tribe. In this article we talked about tribes — why you need one, and how to build one.

Relationships with co-workers, etc.

  • Bullying and the Law of Attraction. In this article we talked about workplace bullying from a Law of Attraction perspective to help us understand what’s actually happening in these situations, and we talked about strategies for shifting this kind of situation.
  • Why Are People Mean to Me? In this podcast we discussed how mean people come into our lives and what we can do, using the principles of Law of Attraction, to make such situations better.

Do you have any tips for coping with people problems or dealing with relationship issues of one sort or another? Post them below and share your wisdom – I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

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