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If you missed last week’s episode of The Vibe Shifting Show, we were talking Myth, Magic and Law of Attraction with Brandon Olivares from Co-Creation Coaching. Today I’ve got part two of that interview in which we talk about overcoming resistance by connecting with your magical self and exploring your potential for infinite growth.

This Expert Series Guest Interview Has Two Parts:
1705 Myth, Magic and Law of Attraction
1706 How to Live Magically and Wash Away Resistance


Show Transcript – How to Live Magically!

Nathalie: You talked on your website about ways of living magically which basically, from my interpretation of what you were talking about, means making conscious your connection to whatever the power is that underlies all of this stuff. Right? So you specifically say making conscious our connection to the divine, which can be sort of a higher power like a god or that energy field because a lot of people they get really triggered by…

Brandon: God.

Nathalie:  …the phrase “God”, right? So I find a lot of people are much more comfortable with sort of the concept of spirit or the universe or just a universal energy, or if you’re going to go the Pam Grout kind of route, the… what does she call it? The Big Dude or something?

Brandon: Yeah.

Nathalie: The Field of Potential is basically what she’s dealing with.

Brandon: Right. Yeah.

Rituals for Reducing Resistance

Nathalie: But you suggest that in order to increase our ability to live magically we start adopting rituals of our own. And you talked a lot about different ways that we can do that. You talked about how ritual, as we were just saying, is a way to lower our resistance to what it is that we’re trying to create in our life.

Brandon: Mm-hmm. It definitely is. Yeah, it..

Nathalie: So I was wondering if you could sort of tell us a little bit more about that? I mean you talked about vision boards and you talked about Abraham’s “Placemat Process”, which I have not come across. I’ve read a lot of Esther Hicks’ stuff but I have never come across that particular one.

Brandon: Oh yeah. The placemat one is basically… you write out a list of tasks and you have two columns, I haven’t read it for a while so I might be getting some of this wrong, but one’s for you and the other column is for the universe. And the stuff that you’re not going to absolutely get done today goes in the universe column, as in “this is your thing to do”.

Nathalie: Oh, that’s awesome. It’s like delegating stuff to…

Brandon: Right. Yeah.

Delegating Tasks to the Universe

Nathalie: So would you do that to the universe or could you actually do that with… you said you had a relationship with sort of personal god?

Brandon: Yeah.

Nathalie: Could you actually delegate this? “OK, hey I know you’re a God, but here — this is your to-do list for the week.”

Brandon: Yeah! Sure! I work with Hades. The Greek God Hades is one I work with.

Nathalie: Yeah.

Brandon: Which seems weird. I was really weirded out when that happened because, you know, he’s the underworld God.

Nathalie: You know I would really like to have you back on the show at some point because there’s a whole lot of stuff on that that I also found on your web site that I would really, really, really love to talk to you about because… But that’s like a whole other topic.

Brandon: I know. But yeah, I will…

Nathalie: Which also goes back to ancient myths, I might add.

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Living Magically

Brandon: It does. Yes. But I will talk to him pretty much every day just about pretty much anything. And I always say if you ask the question, the universe or the gods or whatever will always answer. So I’m not one to say… You know, religious people will say they pray and then, well, where’s the answer? You know they don’t really expect the answer.

But I’m all about the universe. We are in constant communion with the universe. And this is where this ritual, this living magically comes in, I guess.

So when we start having a deeper awareness of the universe or the gods whatever you want to call that part — it could be a higher self it, could be our spirit guides, guardian angels, deities, whatever. Or ascended masters — another common one.

Becoming Aware of Natural Rhythms

Brandon:  When we start having a deeper awareness of those energies around us, I think the rest just sort of follows very naturally because we get into a rhythm.

And I’m all about the rhythm. The rhythms of the cycles of nature. I really like acknowledging, even if I don’t do anything for it, but knowing when the full moon is or the new moon is. And because those sorts of cycles really affect us in a real way. You know astrology, I love astrology. And you know…

The Power of the Moon

Nathalie: Speaking about the things that affect us, and here science does not explain this, but the moon.

Brandon: Yeah, the moon.

Nathalie: You ask any teacher and they will tell you that when there’s a full moon, the kids are nuts.

Brandon: Yup. Mmm-hmm.

Nathalie: Even ones who don’t believe in any weird stuff, they tell you they know it’s a full moon because the kids are just crazy.

Brandon: Yeah I’ve heard the same thing from EMTs and doctors and nurses and you know anyone in the medical field will say the same thing. And the thing is, again this comes down to mythology.

Scientifically, the moon is a hunk of rock. You know? It’s this big rock that’s basically orbiting the Earth and it’s not, there’s nothing special about it. The only thing… I mean because of gravity it makes the tides happen and whatnot.

The Vibe Shifting Show Interview with Brandon Olivares - Part 2

We’re Part of a Larger Whole

Brandon: But there is literally nothing scientifically special about it. That we know of. But, mythologically, it’s been a huge part of our culture for thousands of years and it does affect us. Even those who don’t really think about it, it affects us in a huge way.

The full moon is the height of energy and especially magical energy. That’s why so much happens during full moon. You have the waxing moon and the waning moon. It all affects how we live our lives even if we’re not aware of it.

And that’s why I think becoming aware of the rhythms of the universe and of nature and of the deeper parts of our spirituality can really help us to feel more in tune with All That Is because we are just one part of a very, very big whole.

Nathalie: Mm hmm.

Moving Energy and Constant Change

Brandon: And so I think when we pay attention to that it can really help us to connect and realize where we are. It’s like a lot of times in magic you have certain things it’s better to be done in the full moon, certain things on a waning moon, certain things on a new moon. I don’t always pay a ton of attention to that. I think it can add some assistance. It’s not like the whole thing or anything, but just knowing how the energy is moving, because it’s all moving energy. Is basically what it all comes down to.

Nathalie: I love that. And that’s so true, because everything is constantly moving and changing, right? Like they say, you can’t step in the same river twice. Which I always sort of, I don’t know why, but I really particularly like that saying.

Brandon: So do I. Yeah.

Nathalie: Because one of the things that I’ve always been sort of big on is the idea that we have to be comfortable with change. Constant change. Because that’s what life is. When it stops changing and flowing, there is stagnation and then that’s it. As long as it’s still moving and flowing, then it’s still growing.

Brandon: Exactly.

Nathalie: So…

There’s No End-Point

Brandon: And that’s why, you know, one of my big messages for the law of attraction is a lot of us have this desire to kind of get the stuff we want and then keep it there for the rest of our lives and just stay in this…

Any part of spirituality, we have this idea of enlightenment, where you kind of get there and then you’re done. Or law of attraction, you get your desires and then OK, well I’m happy for the rest of my life. We are…

Nathalie: That’s not the way it works. [Laughs}

Brandon: That’s not the way it… I’ve been on this spiritual journey for a long time. And there is never a point where you arrive and “oh good, that’s it”. You know? We’re always yearning for more and more and more.

Nathalie: Well that takes us back to this concept of a journey, right? It’s… being alive is a process of being on a journey. And there’s no… there’s no there there. Once you get there, you see the next part of the journey.

Brandon: Exactly.

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Infinite Growth, Infinite Potential

Nathalie: So what I tell people is that there’s always going to be another desire. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. And people get so bent out of shape over this, “well I shouldn’t want anything more…” I’m like no, no, no! You’re supposed to.

Brandon: You’re supposed to.

Nathalie: Because it’s… And we’ve been so conditioned to think that anything new or different or whatever is bad, that we won’t let ourselves do the natural thing which is to focus on the next part of the journey, which translates to more. Whatever the more happens to be. Which doesn’t necessarily mean more money or whatever, it just means the change, the evolution, the growth.

Brandon: Yes. We have this horrible saying in life: you have to know your station in life.

Nathalie: God. I hate that.

Brandon: I hate that. Because it’s like you have to stay where you belong and what not. No. It’s… you’re meant for infinite growth, infinite potential.

Nathalie: Yeah.

Suffering and Acceptance

Nathalie: Or that idea of just accepting. I mean, there’s… accepting is a good thing in the sense of, if you’re constantly struggling and fighting and hating what you’re doing now…

Brandon: Yeah exactly.

Nathalie: …it’s going to make it very difficult to create anything other than what you’re dealing with now. But in the sense of just put up and shut up and suck it up ’cause that’s the way it is, Buttercup. I just, I… that whole attitude bothers me.

Brandon: Yeah I know. Mmm-hmm.

Nathalie: It goes back to that whole concept of “life is about suffering and suffering is a good thing…”

Brandon: I know.

Nathalie: “…and it is pious and wonderful to suffer, and virtuous.” And I’m like no, no, no! No, it’s not.

Anything is Possible

Brandon: Exactly. So I think that we have infinite potential for growth and there’s… one of my taglines I always use… I always close my e-mails to my mailing list with this… I always say anything is possible. And I’ll say it at the end of every podcast, at the end of every video… I always say anything is possible.

Nathalie: Yes.

Brandon: Because that’s what I truly and deeply believe. That anything is possible.

The Power of Words

Nathalie: That’s awesome. I love that. There’s a couple of other things you talked about on your website that I wanted to ask you about. You talked about the power of words.

Brandon: Yes.

Nathalie: And this perked up in my ear because, have you ever read anything by David Eddings?

Brandon: No I haven’t actually.

Nathalie: He has a couple books, well not a couple of books, he has couple of series based around the same group of characters. But the first series is called the Belgariad, and it’s about two groups of sorcerers. And the world has these evil sorcerers and [the good sorcerers] have to fix problem… you know, the standard story.

Brandon: Yeah, yeah.

Nathalie: But what he talks about, his sorcerers use this thing called the Will and the Word. And this is how magic is done in this book. It is done with the will and the word. You have to create the will to make the change that you want to create and then you have to release the will with the word. So what you just said made me think about that. But why are the words so powerful?

words are magic quote

Words Move More Energy

Brandon: So when it comes down to it, the first thing I want to say that kind of introduces that idea… you know how I said that any person who used the law of attraction is a magician? In my view, every person who is alive is a magician. Because every thought, every word, every action moves energy.

I had a podcast just recently about investing in our goals. Investing as in putting time in, putting money in, putting resources into our goals, making them happen faster, making them manifest faster. Everything we do is moving energy and we are either moving energy towards our goals or away from. So it’s cool to visualize and all that and keep everything in your head; that will move energy. But it’s not as potent as speaking.

Words Are More “Real”

Brandon: Speaking is far more potent energy. It moves a lot more energy because it’s more real. It’s actual sound wavelengths in the physical world. So when we’re speaking and the emotion is with it… you can’t just say an affirmation. People will do affirmations but they don’t really feel it. You have to feel. The emotion is the language of the subconscious mind. When you’re speaking you have to feel it. It can’t be just empty words.

But when you have the words along with the emotion, and the intention, you’re moving a lot more energy than if it’s just in your mind. And the same thing goes with action. I’m not about… people say like the thing that’s missing from Law of Attraction is action. It’s such a delicate thing because premature action is really dangerous. But action at the right time, when it’s inspired and when it has a lot of emotion and intention behind it, action will move even more energy than words.

Action Can Be Dangerous

Nathalie: What do you mean that action is dangerous?

Brandon: Because when you take an action and it’s out of fear, it’s out of the need to make this happen. The egoic need to make this thing happen.

Nathalie: So the difference between inspired action and forced action, basically.

Brandon: Exactly. When you take it prematurely… I remember one of my first clients, she wanted to publish a book. And she had taken daily action. She would take an hour to an hour and a half of action every day for a year and saw no progress with her book. It was written, it just hadn’t been published.

And I sort of worked with her, the first thing I told her, I said I don’t want to take any action towards this goal until I tell you that you’re ready to. And that was really hard for her because ego has this need to get in there and make it happen right now.

I told her, no, don’t take any action towards this thing, it was about a month or two. And I said, ok, I think you can start taking small actions. And it was within, maybe a week of when I told her “now you can start”, everything happened. And she e-mailed me and said “My book, it’s on Amazon!”

Nathalie: That’s amazing.

Minimal Effort at the Right Time

Brandon: It’s about taking proper… I’m very Taoist in my approach, where it’s like minimal effort. Touching it at the perfect place will do a lot more than just adding raw force.

Nathalie: That’s true. Sorry, go on.

Brandon: So, yeah. Premature action will just keep you spinning your wheels.

Nathalie: Yeah.

Brandon: And I’ve seen it for years and years and years with some people.

Nathalie: Yeah, I’ve been there.

Small Actions, Big Results

Brandon: Yeah. But when you pause and let the universe do its thing and you’re just sitting there and allowing it. And then when it’s time and you’re feeling really inspired and you know that energy is ready, and you go out and do and perform an action. It can be the smallest action in the world and can be a very small thing, but it will do so much more than any of the premature action could have.

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And so coming back to the energy, when you do that, it will move tons of energy at once because you’re telling the universe “OK, I’m serious about this. I’m doing this from a place of fullness, not from a place of emptiness or lacking.”

And so it will move tons of energy and it’s so powerful. So actions, words, all that kind of thing, is so powerful. When it’s done in the right place, in the right context. But thoughts, words and actions, all of that, you’re basically communicating to the universe with everything you think, say, and do. You’re telling the universe how you want your life to be.

Two-Way Magical Synchronicity

Nathalie: That’s brilliant. And again, that’s sort of back to what you were meaning by the fact that we are all magicians.

Brandon’s Experience

Brandon: We’re all magicians. Everything we do. I’ll tell you one example. I’m working with a business coach who’s helping me to improve and grow Co-Creation Coaching and she gave me a task last week. She said OK I want you start reaching out to people, to guest post or do whatever. Get yourself out there, get more people to know you.

Nathalie: [Bursts out laughing] Then what happened?

Brandon: OK, no joking, about a few days, I don’t remember which day it was we talked about this. Maybe, within, I think about five days after she gave me… And I was thinking I don’t even know where to start. And then I…

Nathalie: You get an email from me.

Brandon: “Hey, Universe, I don’t know what to do, so why don’t you help me out here?” And I get an e-mail from you, I’m like, “You’re joking!”

Nathalie’s Experience

Nathalie: That’s hilarious. OK, so I’m going to tell you my story now because I have been, sort of fiddling with this concept of having guest experts on for, like a year, and I was just  “Oh, should I? Shouldn’t I? It’s going to be so technically hard. I don’t know how to do two people, and what if I totally screw it up? And it just sat there and sat there, and I would come back and say “You really should.” And I was all like, I don’t know.

So, what are we now? We’re Thursday today? We’re recording this on a Thursday. So on Sunday, so what is that? Four days ago? Something like that? I’m sorting my laundry as I do on Sundays and in the middle of a dozen pairs of filthy, sand-filled, tiny little socks that are always inevitably inside out, and I’m turning them all in right side in so I can wash them, it pops into my head: “You know that would be super fun, is if I could…”

Because I’ve been having problems coming up with new ideas to do for the blog and podcast. I’ve been sort of struggling with this. And I was like “it would be super fun”, as I’m sorting my socks, “if I could have just conversations with super-cool people who really get stuff”, and just the energy… And I was thinking back, actually I was thinking about you because you actually interviewed me on your show a while back.

Brandon: Yup.

Nathalie: And I was just thinking about how much fun I had with that interview with you and Christine and Justin and it was just… there was no struggle. There was no fear. It was just fun. And I was thinking that is what I want. So you are the first person I thought of that I would really like to have as a guest here. So that is weird two-way magic happening.

“The Universe is So Cool!”

Brandon: I know. And it’s amazing how this works. And I didn’t take any action whatsoever. I sort of put it out there like “Hey universe, I need some help here.”

Nathalie: And you get the e-mail from me and that is so funny. Well, we all just need to take a moment here and just sort of go “Whoa…”

Brandon: Whoa…

Nathalie: The universe is so cool. Magic is so cool

Brandon: Exactly. And I say that every day. Yeah. It’s great.

Nathalie: That is hilarious. I love that story. And this totally better work, I’m telling you, because that story has to be published somewhere.

Brandon: That’s awesome.

Nathalie: You see people, this stuff really works. It’s like alchemy. Yes.

Shower Ritual to Wash Away Resistance

Nathalie:  There was one other thing, actually, I have in my notes here that I wanted to talk to you about. You had this little process which I thought was really cool and I’m probably going to try it next time I take a shower.

Brandon: OK.

Nathalie: Now everybody’s like “OK… what’s she talking about?”

Brandon: Oh, I remember this, I think.

Nathalie: You had this little, sort of ritual, for (and again people going like, “OK…”)

Brandon: [Laughter.]

Nathalie: For getting rid of resistance. So I would love to share with the audience here what that… the shower resistance ritual is.

The Symbolism of Water

Brandon: Perfect. So, water has a lot of symbolism behind it. Water is cleansing, water flows, it gives life. It’s so symbolic. You know we have a lot of religions, you have baptism, and you know water is very symbolic.

Nathalie: And I was just going to say symbolism is… this is the language of the subconscious.

Brandon: Exactly.

Nathalie: This is how your subconscious mind works. It works in symbols, so this is actually really important what you’re saying here.

Brandon: Right, so I was trying to think of a way, because I don’t like burning things, I’m not big into fire. A lot of people, what they’ll do is write down their fears or their resistance, then they’ll burn it to symbolize getting rid of it. So, I thought what can I do? I thought about water.

So the ritual basically is, it’s a ritual shower. And you just go into your regular shower and it doesn’t have to be anything special. Basically what you do is you take whatever resistance you have and as you go into the shower and start everything and you’re thinking about that resistance and you’re imagining… let’s say that negative resistance has energy and it’s kind of all over you and within you. And as that water passes over your body, you just imagine that it’s stripping away that gunk, that negative resistance. Just like it’s cleaning your body, it’s cleaning your mind.

Rinsing it All Away

Nathalie: So you could sort of imagine it as your resistance being a coating over you.

Brandon: Yeah, that’s exactly what you do. So it’s this layer that you don’t want and the water is stripping it, off stripping it off, and you just imagine it going down the drain or something. And it really does. When it’s done you feel so clean afterwards. You really do.

Nathalie: I really like that. I’m going to try that. Because I love the idea of having this concept of just washing the resistance away and then watching it go down the drain.

Brandon: Yeah.

Nathalie: It just… there’s something really satisfying about that image.

It Works for Emotions, Too!

Brandon: I know it’s great. Yeah I’ve done that. Anyone who reads my stuff or watches my videos knows I deal with anxiety. And there have been days where I’ve had really awful bouts of anxiety. And so when I shower, I will just let all the anxiety… kind of ball it up into one thing. One ball of energy, and let the water just take it and..

Nathalie: Dissolve it and let it wash away.

Brandon: Just dissolves it. It just goes, and you feel wonderful afterwards. So a wonderful, wonderful cleansing ritual.

Nathalie: Excellent. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Thank you so much for being here today.

Brandon: I’m so happy to be here.

Nathalie: Brandon, this has been amazing.

Brandon: I’m glad.

Nathalie: I’m having so much fun, just like I wanted to!

Brandon: Good! I’m so glad. It was really enjoyable.

Nathalie: So we’ve been talking today with Brandon Olivares from, and I’ll put the links to Brandon’s site and his social media links on the show notes for today’s interview. So again, thank you so much Brandon.

Brandon: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Nathalie: And have a wonderful week everybody!

bio photo - Brandon OAbout Today’s Guest Expert:

Brandon Olivares is the founder of He is dedicated to helping those who have tried the law of attraction, but haven’t gotten the results they desire. As a certified master practitioner of NLP, he knows how to work with the subconscious mind to get real-world results, and he’s been doing exactly that in his own life and the lives of his clients for over two years. You can connect with Brandon on Facebook and Twitter!


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