Karma, Soul Lessons, and Why We're Here

I read a comment on someone else’s blog recently that really annoyed me. It said that all the horrible things that happen in people’s lives happen because of Karma; because they had to learn a “soul lesson” from the beyond. It was a very long comment and the poster also said that when you don’t get something you want in life, that it’s also because of Karma; it’s just not something your soul “should” have.

Basically, the sense I got was that we’re all bound by unbreakable soul contracts that pre-determine the major events of our lives in order to teach us “lessons” and that our only freedom of choice comes in little things like what outfit you wear to an interview (but not whether you get the job offer, of course – that is, apparently, also determined by Karma).

You are perfect just the way you are

So, in case you missed my heavy sarcasm above, this one got my blood boiling. In my opinion, the whole concept of Karma is an antiquated idea that borrows heavily on the equally antiquated religious view that people are inherently “bad” and need to be controlled in order that they might be “saved”.

I’m only going to say this once: You don’t need to be saved. You’re not bad. You’re not damned. You’re not inherently evil. You’re not deficient. You’re not unworthy. There’s nothing wrong with you. These are all human concepts and they’re all wrong. I don’t care who’s telling you this stuff, it’s wrong. You can feel it when you hear it. You KNOW it isn’t true.

What IS true is that you are perfect exactly the way you are. You are wonderful, and I mean that in the sense of your being something so profoundly, breathtakingly amazing that it leaves you with a feeling of soul-deep wonder.

You are a part of that which created All That Is. You can’t not be perfect. There may be things about yourself that you, in this form, don’t like. There may be things about yourself that you want to modify in order to enhance your experience here, yes. But these are all outer things. You, yourself, Who You Really Are…. YOU… are exactly what you need to be. You don’t need to change anything about yourself in order to be loved or appreciated. Your very being is part of that loving energy that is the Source of all things.

You’re not here to be punished

We’re not here because we’re being punished for something we did in a past life that we can’t even remember. Seriously; what’s the point of punishing someone when they don’t even know what they’re being punished for? How would you expect someone to learn anything that way?

Yes, we learn from our experiences here, but these are not cosmic, karmic soul lessons that we have been exiled here to “learn”. This place isn’t a prison or a school for unruly misfits who need to be molded and “broken in” to fit some sort of standard. It’s more like a playground for ultimate thrill-seeking adventurers wishing to stretch their experience of being into realms they’ve never gone before.

Why you’re really here

We came here to experience what it’s like to live a physical reality: to breathe, to run, to ride a bike, to feel sunshine on skin, and wind blowing through hair; to see sunrises and sunsets and leaves and colours; to hear voices and music and waves lapping beaches. We came here to have fun and see how much we could stretch ourselves in this round of the game.

And we forgot all of that when we got here. Because that’s part of the game. It’s part of the experience. To be so completely immersed in the story that you don’t even know that you’re really outside of it. When you go to a movie theatre, the lights go down, the screen lights up, everyone goes quiet, and you’re all focused completely on the story. The best movies are the ones that make you forget that you’re even in a movie theatre. But this place is better than a movie theatre, because you get to create the story as you’re living it. Even if you’re not aware that you’re doing it.

And maybe that’s part of it. Maybe part of the adventure is that process of remembering who and what you are and what you’re really capable of. Maybe part of it is remembering that you have the ability to change the story line as you go along. And I think that’s the real lesson here.

photo credit: pixabay.com cc

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