Letting Your Dreams Evolve - Pinterest pinAre you letting your dreams evolve with you? Or do believe that dreams are set in stone? One of the things that often stops people from really committing themselves to their dreams and working towards making them happen is the fear that they’re making a wrong decision – that maybe this isn’t what they really want after all. They’re afraid to move forward in case something better comes along instead.

Here’s the thing: nothing is set in stone. Your dreams are meant to be flexible. They are meant to change and grow right along with you. There will always be a central theme running through it all, but the outer form of your dream may very well change over time… and that’s OK.

It is very common, for instance, to be in a situation where you enjoy what you do for a living but start to feel a calling towards something else over time. Perhaps where you are now was an important growth point for the next leg of your journey, but you’ve learned what you need to and it’s time to move on.

Sometimes I think that all our experiences are stepping stones in that sense — they are all part of our ongoing journey, and each new phase of that journey builds on the ones that came before. No goal is ever written in blood… if we get to where we thought we wanted to be, we are absolutely allowed to change our minds and head off in a new direction. If we get part-way to where we wanted to be, we’re allowed to change our minds. Ultimately, no one gets to decide what our lives will be except us.

The important thing is that you keep moving. Keep doing. Keep taking action. Just as flowers don’t grow without soil and water, your dreams will not grow without action and persistence. There may be many things that you want to do in life, and you can and should do them all – there is no need to give anything up, though you may need to take time into account and plan further ahead than most people in order to take all your dreams into account.

Remember that you will never achieve anything in life unless you get out there and start doing stuff. Even the most powerful advanced-engineering car won’t go anywhere if you never leave the parking lot. But once that car starts moving, it can go anywhere, and it can change direction mid-way through any journey if you want it to. But it has to start moving, first.

Letting your dreams evolve works just like that; once you let those dreams loose and start taking action, they are given the freedom to change and adapt with you, perhaps becoming even greater in the process than they started out. So let them loose… set your dreams free. Start working towards them in whatever form they currently have and see where they lead you.

photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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