Law of Attraction and money

Resistance issues around money are very common. Maybe Taoism and the Law of Attraction can help you sort it out!

I am so excited to share a guest post with you today, written by my lovely friend Carole Remy! Carole and I met online and became friends through our mutual interest in the Law of Attraction, and have been email buddies ever since. Carole is a published romance novel author, and has recently made her novels available on Kindle for the first time! Beyond her books and fascinating insights into the realms of Taoism and Law of Attraction, Carole is also a huge dog-lover and is very active as a volunteer with her local animal shelter and organizing spay and neuter clinics in her home town in Mexico.

In addition to being an accomplished romance writer, I suspect that Carole is also secretly a philosopher at heart; today’s article is a wonderful blend of Taoism and Law of Attraction principles, and you get to follow along with Carole as she uses these two philosophies to work through a resistance issue she’s been having around money.


Thank you, Nathalie, for inviting me to share my thoughts with your readers. I love reading your blog, and am honored to be included!

Lately I’ve been wrestling with money. Okay, my whole life I’ve been wrestling with money. I’ve never been destitute, but I’ve never been rich either. It’s hard to remember very many months when the 30th didn’t bring a minor panic.

From a Law of Attraction perspective, I clearly have a lot of triggers, a lot of resistance, around money. I’ve cleared a whole ton of resistances, even finding and now living in harmony with my Soul, but the money resistance is deeply ingrained and doesn’t seem to want to budge. A part of me is convinced, way down deep, that relative poverty is a good thing.


Rescuing dogs requires money!

How does this manifest as a problem? Why can’t I just be (relatively) poor and happy? Well, I can, and in fact most of the time, I am. The only reason I know the resistance remains is that goals, worthwhile goals like rescuing dogs, goals that require resources, keep coming up for me. I really, really, really want to rescue dogs, and I really, really, really resist manifesting the money to do so. Arrggg!

The desire to rescue dogs is a direct manifestation for me of the Law of Attraction. My Soul understands the connection between all things, and values all things. The intensity of my desire to be around dogs is a direct link to my lovely and everpresent Soul! At the same time, the lack of funds is also a direct manifestation of the Law of Attraction. When you need to work through a barrier, a resistance, the Universe brings you the opportunity to do so!

Where does this leave me, and how does Taoism fit in? It leaves me thinking and thinking about why I’m resistant to money. Part of it goes back to family, where my father, with whom I identify emotionally, was indifferent to the point of antagonistic toward money. My mother, with whom I did not identify, was the ‘responsible’ person in our house who worried all the time about making ends meet. Now, my father made a good salary and he wasn’t a spendthrift, and my mother didn’t really need to worry all the time about money, but that’s the way we lived.

Meeting the Tao

When I was about twenty, I began to read the Tao Te Ching. For the first time, I felt a deep emotional resonance with a specific philosophy. One of the tenets of Taoism is to live simply.

Holding to fullness Is not as good as stopping in time. A house filled with riches Cannot be defended. Pride in wealth and position Is overlooking one’s collapse. (Teaching 9, as translated by R L Wing)

This philosophy fell in with what I observed and loved about my father. Peace and happiness don’t come from wealth and possessions.

Enter the Law of Attraction

Fast forward to 2011, and my introduction to the principles of the Law of Attraction. At first, the LoA seemed to me to be all about acquiring fast cars and big houses, and I wasn’t interested. But as I studied further, with the brilliant help of Melody Fletcher and her blog Deliberate Receiving, I learned that the Law of Attraction isn’t about things at all. It’s about energy. Ahhh… now this was a concept I could understand and adopt.

The Law of Attraction came into my life because I was ready for it. I was ready to follow energy concepts into energy work into finding my Soul! Wow!

The process has uncovered  and dissolved many deep-seated beliefs that weren’t helpful. Another hurdle remains (probably many, but this is the one in front of me today). Am I ready to resolve the old dilemmas surrounding money?

Dissolving the Resistance

Writing this post is a major step for me in defining the issue. Happily and unexpectedly,  as I write the words, a personal solution to my current money issue has come into focus. Ironically, the solution uncovers another hurdle! You gotta love the Law of Attraction! It’s never over!!

Okay… the resolution that makes sense to me is the power of teamwork. Unlike my mother who worried somewhat needlessly, I don’t need to take on the funding of animal rescue as a personal burden. Like everything else, it’s not really about money. I can live simply and happily, I can relax completely about money, and dogs will still be rescued! Ahhh… and here’s the deeper issue. Trust.

Trusting Others, Trusting the Universe


Learning to trust the Universe is essential to overcoming resistance.

I’m the ultimate believer in, If you want something done, do it yourself. How do I simply trust that the outcome will manifest regardless of my personal involvement? As always happens (always!), with the Law of Attraction, recognizing the barrier evaporates it!

Of course I don’t need to do it all! Of course dogs get rescued without my help and money! How arrogant I’ve been to think that I’m that important, that essential! What looked huge becomes a pebble. What looked like incompatible beliefs are reconciled in an instant.

All Smiles and Popping Ears

Well, lovely friends, you have just witnessed and helped me work through the money resistance around dog rescue. Thank you! How do I know I’ve worked it through? I’m lucky enough to get physical signs. Right now I’m grinning at the computer screen, and my ears are popping. When the energy flows like crazy, my ears pop!

Will more money issues surface? Undoubtedly. The day we stop manifesting resistances is the day we merge again with the Universe, more commonly known as the day we die. We’re here on a grand adventure, avatars for our Souls in a challenging playground, focus on PLAY!

Living in harmony with the Soul feels so satisfying, so fuzzy and cozy, that it’s worth working through all the resistances as they appear.

Heaven in harmony with the One becomes clear. Earth in harmony with the One becomes stable. Mind in harmony with the One becomes inspired. Valleys in harmony with the One become full. All Things in harmony with the One become creative. (Teaching 39, as translated by R L Wing)

What are your resistances? Have you ever tried writing through them? Give it a go! It worked for me today, and it can work for you too. Nathalie and I are eager to hear your thoughts, and look forward to a lively discussion!


I honestly don’t know anyone else who can clarify concepts and lead me through a resistance-clearing exercise the way Carole does! Thank you so much for sharing your words and your wisdom here today, my friend! 🙂

If you’d like to read more by Carole, you can find her online:

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