The Genie in the Bottle - why you don't need to fear your negative thoughtsSo with our previous videos about the biology of fear and how our focus determines our reality, we’ve pretty much let loose the genie in the bottle; you now know what your own mind is capable of, so how does it make you feel? Now that you know how powerful your thoughts are and how they can shape not only your day, but your entire life, does the idea of being the absolute creator of your own reality empower you or frighten you?

In last week’s video we talked about how powerful your mind and your focus really are. For a lot of people, that understanding comes with a rush of excitement and awe and a desire to really put that power to good use creating awesomeness in their lives.

But sometimes, when people start learning about how much control they really have over the outside world, instead of getting excited about the possibilities, they go the other way and start getting scared. They become deathly afraid of every negative thought that crosses their minds, and absolutely terrified that if they can’t control their thoughts, terrible things will start to happen.

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They think they’ve let the genie in the bottle out and that he’ll twist every thought they have into something terrible, wreaking havoc with their entire lives.

Or they think they’ve gone and opened Pandora’s Box and that unimaginable horrors now await them.

But there’s no need to panic over your ability to create your reality. And there is no evil in any of this. You’re not opening yourself up to some mystical, dangerous power when you learn this stuff – these principles have always been working in your life, whether you’ve been aware of them or not, and they will always continue to work in your life, whether you choose to acknowledge them or not.

Far better to learn how they work and then use that knowledge in your favour, don’t you think?

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