Why Mindset Matters


Mindset. Everything, and I mean everything, has to do with mindset. Your entire experience of life, everything that you will ever do, have, or accomplish depends on what’s going on inside your own head. So if you want to see a different story outside of you, then you have to start with the things you’re telling yourself on the inside. As within so without, as the saying goes; it’s all an inside job.

Here’s the thing about mindset: if you don’t believe that what you want in life is possible for you, then you won’t even bother trying. Likewise, if you don’t believe you deserve what you want, then you’ll always be undermining your own efforts to achieve it. Everything depends on your mindset; how you think and feel about what you’re trying to achieve has an enormous impact on your ability to actually make it happen.

What do you expect to happen?

When it comes to manifesting the kind of life experience that we most want for ourselves, our expectations are key. When you dread something (like not having enough money, for example), think about the kind of energy that puts out into the Universe – think about what that dread tells you about what you expect, in terms of financial abundance in your life. When you’re jaded about relationships and fall into the trap of “all guys are like that” or “women are always like that”… thing about the vibe you’re sending, and what that jadedness says about your expectations regarding the possibility of a loving, fulfilling relationship.

We experience what we expect to experience in life. Our outer reality reflects the landscape that already exists inside of us.

Shifting your beliefs

If you believe that men are pigs and women are cruel, that is what you will manifest. If you believe that money disappears out of your life faster than you can make it come in, that is what will happen. If you believe that the world is going to hell and evil is rampant, that is what you will continue to see.

You must change the way you look at things if you want the things you see to change. It has to start within, and it has to start with you. YOU are the most powerful creative force in your life. Not your boss. Not your spouse. Not your annoying neighbour. Not the guy who got the promotion instead of you. It’s YOU. You control your own experience.

Shake off the old programming

The most life-transforming thing you will ever realize is just how powerful you really are. The hardest part about coming to that realization is the lifetime of conditioning you’ve had that has taught you otherwise. You’ve been brainwashed, my friend. And it’s time you shook off that old programming and started calling the shots for yourself.

The fact that you’re here and reading this blog is a good sign that you’re already on the way to doing that. But sometimes, when you start working with all this mindset stuff, it can feel really lonely, because most of the people around you aren’t even aware that they’ve been programmed. They don’t know, and they’re not ready to. But who do you talk to in order to keep yourself on the right track? How do you keep yourself inspired so you can start turning your conscious efforts to shift your mindset into an automatic habit?

Join the tribe!

I’ve been getting a lot of lovely emails from people recently telling me how happy they are to have found Vibe Shifting and someone else who thinks like they do. And it made me realize that the time was right to launch a new project that I’ve been talking about for a while, but never got around to implementing. And that is an interactive discussion forum where people who are waking up to how much their thoughts, beliefs and expectations affect their lives can meet, chat, ask questions, and get answers.

I’ve created a brand-new private group on Facebook, called the Vibe Shifters Tribe, as a place where you and I and others who are looking for an online community of like-minded people can get to know one another better and support each other as we build our dreams. If this sounds like the heart-home you’ve been looking for, please check out the community sign up page to learn more. The tribe is free for anyone to join, and I hope to see you there! 🙂

photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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