Why You Need to Be Patient with Your Failures - Pinterest pinOne of the most important dream-building skills anyone can learn is that of learning how to be patient with your failures.  Because one of the things you need to understand about failure is that it is inevitable. If you have a dream or a goal — something that is important to you — you will experience failure on your way to success. It’s going to happen, so you gotta suck it up and learn how to deal with it; you need to learn how to use your failures to your advantage.

And there is a significant mindset shift that has to happen before you can do that. You have to first understand and accept that failure will happen before you can learn to embrace it and work with it.

So, why is failure inevitable? Because you can’t realistically expect yourself to be an expert in anything at the start of your journey. And I see so many people – me included – who have tanked dreams that were important to them because they were comparing their own efforts and outcomes with those of people who were light years ahead of them. And you can’t do that, you can’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20, as they say. Remember that everyone started out as a beginner, and it’s only through experience and practice that anyone becomes an expert at anything.

Even the people we admire and consider great successes today experienced their own failures on their way to greatness. Look at any industry, any field, pick anyone you admire for any reason, and you will find a string of failures in their history…

Do the stories in the video inspire you to be patient with your failures? Will they change the way you look at failure in the future? Do you have a story to inspire others? Share it below! 🙂

photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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