podcast episode 1303 Sir Richard Branson LOA Wizard

Tune in for a fascinating look at the LOA savvy of Sir Richard Branson!

When you think about Sir Richard Branson, the obvious things that come to mind are: business, power, money and success. What’s not so obvious about Branson is how Law of Attraction his entire approach to all of those subjects has been since the beginning. I recently Branson’s autobiography, Losing My Virginity, and it was very apparent to me that, whether he knew that’s what he was doing or not, the man was very definitely putting all the principles of this law to work in building his success, throughout his entire life.

Click the player link below to tune in to this week’s podcast, where I talk about my views on the connection between Sir Richard Branson’s business success and the Law of Attraction. And definitely go check out the book — I found it so inspirational, and I bet you will, too! I have to tell you, I was in a bit of a motivational slump before I read this book, but after finishing it, I definitely got my mojo back! In fact, I’m crediting the launch of the Vibe Shifting Podcast show to the inspirational boost I got from reading this book.

In any case, if you have an interest in how Law of Attraction can be applied to business situations, this is definitely an episode you want to check out! Go on and click that link… you know you want to… 😉

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