turning your dream into a reality - catching a bubble

Ever feel that turning your dream into reality is like trying to catch a bubble?

The key to turning your dream into reality lies in understanding what a dream really is: a desire for change in some element of your life. If there is something in your current reality that isn’t exactly the way you would like it to be, the “alternate reality” that you wish for is your dream. But dreams are passive, idle things; pleasant, but wholly without substance or form. In other words, dreams are fun but, in and of themselves, they never amount to much unless they are given energy and direction.

Turning your dream into reality involves making it into an agent of change by taking action and using it as a catalyst to move you forward towards whatever it is that you want. Once you define your action plan, your dream morphs into a goal and shifts from the realm of possibly and into your physical reality. Once you start taking action towards your goal, it gains a kind of power and is fueled by both inertia and the Law of Attraction, becoming an unstoppable force in its own right.

Dreams are wonderful and important things because they give you valuable insight into what your deepest desires really are – they give you a window into what it is that you most want for yourself. But if you want to see those dreams move out of your head and into your life, you need to put some movement into them! Turn those dreams into goals and start taking action towards making them happen. Once you take those sometimes difficult first steps and start moving, you’ll find it gets easier and easier to keep going (that’s inertia!), and before you know it, you’ll find yourself actually living that dream of yours!

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photo credit: Jeff Kubina via photopin cc

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