You Can Have Results or You Can Have Excuses - Pinterest pinI have a sticky note at the top of my laptop screen. It says: “you can have results or you can have excuses”. It’s my reminder that I am the only one who has the power to turn my dreams into reality, so if I want to see them happen, then I’m the one who has to actually go out there and build them, no matter how scared I am, and no matter how worried I get about what other people are going to think about it all.

And you know what? Just as I have to push myself to make my dreams come true, you’re going to have to push yourself, too. Despite whatever flak you think you’re going to get from the people in your life.

Which brings us to the big question: Why do we make big decisions in life based on fear rather than on what our deepest, inner wisdom is so urgently whispering to us? When it comes to our direction in life, we put more stock in the opinions of just about everyone around us except the one person who has the most at stake: our own self.

Sometimes we use fear as a safety net, allowing it to give us an acceptable reason for not taking the risk of going out and living the kind of life we most want for ourselves. We wrap ourselves in this cocoon because it feels safer to let the fear control us than it does to face it and take that first trembling step forward, toward the goals we so desperately want to achieve.

But here’s the thing: that safe little cocoon we think we have is just an illusion. We may think we’re taking the responsible, guaranteed route that seems to be the one approved by everyone around us. But there are no guarantees in life. And the longer we hide ourselves away in those cocoons, the more likely we are to end up smothering ourselves in them.

What this all boils down to, of course, is that the only thing that can stop you from achieving your goals and turning your dreams into reality is YOU; your thoughts, your beliefs, your expectations, your choices, and your actions. Your dreams depend on you and you alone. So go out there and start building them.

photo credit: cc (modified by me)

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