coping with frustration

Sometimes, the best way of coping with frustration is to just let it go.

If you’ve ever had the exhilarating experience of being “in the zone” with inspired action, you’ve probably also had the experience of coping with frustration when trying to call that kind of experience up on command. Let’s face it – once you know what inspired action is like, you want all of your goal-related actions to be inspired! And when you try and try to recreate the experience at will, you generally find yourself stuck and seriously frustrated by your attempts.

But frustration and impatience can be interpreted as a kind of fear – the fear that what you want won’t actually happen for you. And when you’ve got a longer term goal in mind and you know it’s going to take a lot of action, and potentially a lot of time on your part in order to build up what you want, frustration is often part and parcel of the experience.  Unfortunately, from a vibrational stand point, frustration is also about the last thing you want to be sending out there. What you give is what you get, so if you’re focused on the frustration of not being able to perform or create at the level you want to… guess what’s going to come back to you? Yep… more frustration; more writer’s block, more procrastination, more lack of concentration, more diffusion of creative energy, etc. It really is a vicious circle.

So, obviously, finding ways of coping with frustration is really important for keeping yourself aligned with making your goal a reality. And one of the biggest secrets to coping with frustration, as it is to so many things, is to let it be and let it go. Stop fighting it. Because the more you desperately flail around trying to force action when you aren’t inspired, the more you repel the very inspiration you seek. Force and Law of Attraction don’t mix. So if you want to tone down the frustration and regain your lost inspiration, the best thing to do is to stop chasing it and become still. Find your centre. Breathe. And let the answers come to you…

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