working with inspired action

When you’re working with inspired action, everything just flows!

Action is critical to achieving goals and making dreams come true. Without action, we do not change or grow or evolve. Without action, we stagnate and let our dreams wither away as we lose momentum and find ourselves stuck – rooted in place by our failure to move. But it’s also important to realize that not all action is created equal, and knowing the difference between types of action will help you avoid the pitfalls of spinning your wheels in a frenzy of forced action that never actually accomplishes anything for you. Because when I talk about action, what I really mean is working with inspired action!

When it comes to taking action towards your goals, there are really only two types of action that we talk about and those are: forced action and inspired action. Forced action is the kind you want to avoid, because, as I’ve mentioned before, force and Law of Attraction just don’t mix well. When you try to force things to happen for you, you’re not working with the energy of the Universe and All That Is, you’re working against it. Which really is kind of futile (and yes, that could very well be the understatement of the year!) What’s worse is that when you focus all your energy and attention on having to make things happen, you’re going to manifest more and more situations into your life that are going involve that kind of constant struggle.

Working with inspired action, on the other hand, is where all good things come from. When you’re working with inspired action, this is when you’re working with the energy and unlimited power of the Universe. And when you’re that well aligned (when you’re in the Vortex, for those Abraham-Hicks fans out there) with Source everything just… flows. And you will accomplish things with an ease, efficiency and joy that will blow you away. It’s like the Universe goes out of its way to make awesomeness happen just for you (which it does anyway, but when you’re in the inspired action flow you really tend to notice it because it’s so freaking obvious)!

I know you’re just itching to find out more about working with inspired action, so go ahead and click that play button to get all the juicy details, like learning how to recognize when actions are forced or inspired! [6m54s]


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