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LOA sheds a light on understanding illness!

One of the main things you learn when you start working with Law of Attraction is that we draw every experience of our lives to us through the vibrational energy that we send out into the Universe. In other words, whatever happens in our lives happens because we are a vibrational match to it. And this includes our experiences with illness and disease. Fortunately, in understanding illness this way, we automatically have a great tool for helping ourselves to promote and improve our own health both now and in the future!

From a Law of Attraction perspective, disease (or “dis-ease”, as those familiar with Louise Hay’s work will call it) is a physical manifestation of the psychological experience of something that is causing us to be out of alignment with our inner self. Illness – all illness – is caused by a disruption in our natural energy patterns, and it is a really powerful indictor that we have strayed far away from our natural alignment with Who We Really Are.

Luckily for us, however, these symptoms of disease or sickness are not the first indication we get that this negative energy shift is happening; we are given constant feedback about our vibrational and energetic alignment through our emotional guidance system, and when we start to shift away from our truth, we feel it immediately. It’s only when we start to ignore this feedback that we start to get sick. So if we want to be healthy  more and sick less, we can accomplish this just by paying attention to those early indications that we’re steering ourselves off-course and shifting ourselves back on track once again.

Click on the play button below to listen to the full podcast episode and you’ll also hear my own personal example with understanding illness through this Law of Attraction perspective (8m38s)!


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