How to Build Your TribeFor the last couple of episodes, I’ve been talking about the kinds of connections we have in life and how these connections can have a big impact on our happiness and success, by virtue of the fact that attitudes are “contagious” and tend to rub off on others. Today, I’m going to look at how you can use this effect in beneficial ways by showing you how to build your tribe – a mutually supportive group of people who help each other to succeed.

In today’s podcast I cover all the details and definitions about what a tribe really is and how it works. I give you some great tips and strategies on how to build your tribe from the ground up, starting with the kinds of characteristics and traits you’re going to want in the people who will be a part of that tribe, and I also give you some ideas on where to start looking for the right kind of people.

When you’ve made that decision to really start taking your dreams seriously and to start doing something about them, it can get pretty lonely sometimes, especially if you have no one in your life who really understands why it means so much to you to be doing what you’re doing. Learning how to build your tribe by finding like-minded individuals who can support you through the inevitable ups and downs will make the process so much easier, and in some cases can even spell the difference between success and failure. And it’s always more fun when you have people to travel that road of life with, isn’t it?

Listen in to get all the details on how to build you tribe right here:


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