Are you ready to make this year your best year?It’s the first day of a new year; are you ready for the challenge and can you see the opportunity before you? Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book that you get to write. What will your story be? Will this be a tale of adventure? Or romance? Or success? Or maybe it will involve all of these and more? When you sit down to review your year in 365 days’ time… what kind of story do you want to see in those pages?

Take some time to think about it. Take the time to dream about all that could be and all that you could accomplish in these next twelve months. You have 52 glorious weeks to create and manifest whatever it is your heart desires most – are you ready to take advantage of them? How will you use your time? Do you have a list of everything you want to do? Do you have a plan? Do you believe that you can achieve your goals and that you deserve to achieve them?

Make this year the foundation for everything that is yet to come!

Are you ready to take chances to make things happen for yourself? Are you OK with the fact that you’re going to make “mistakes” along the way and do you understand that these bumps in the road are merely additional opportunities to climb even higher than you thought you could? Are you psyched for all the awesomeness that you want to see in your life? Are you ready to go out there, grab your life with everything you’ve got and live every moment of it to the max? Are you ready to make it happen?

Start today, start now!

As you stand here today with the days and weeks stretching out before you, it may be tempting to put things off because you’ve got all year. Don’t kid yourself – the time will fly by, and before you know it you’ll be wondering where the year went. You can choose to play it safe and stick with the status quo of what is… and a year from now your life will be more or less exactly the same as it is now. Or you can make a choice to start doing – to start taking action today to create the life you have always wanted but have always put off doing something about.

You can have that life, if that’s what you really want. But you are going to have to work for it. You are going to have to take action every single day in order to bring yourself closer to it. It’s the only way. Visualizing is wonderful – it inspires you, it motivates you and it focuses you… but visualization alone will not get you what you want. You. Must. Take. Action. You must get out there and do whatever it takes to turn your dream into the reality you want… the Universe will meet you and help you along the way, but you have got to do your part. Because this is when the miracles start happening.

A year from now you’ll wish you had started today. ~Unknown

Never mind how many times you’ve tried and failed. Never mind how many people tell you it can’t be done. Never mind your doubts and your fears — if your gut is telling you this is the right thing, then work for it in whatever time and space you can carve out. If all the time you have is on the bus commuting for your day job, then use every second of that time to turn this year into something truly awesome. Make this year the foundation for everything that is yet to come. You know what you want, so start building it.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Are you ready for it?

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