Letting Go of Attachment - a manifesting success story!Today we are talking about letting go of attachment and I’m really excited to share a manifesting success story with you about how powerful this can be. I got an email a few weeks ago from a blog reader from Finland who had filled in a survey I sent out way back – ages and ages ago – and she mentioned that what she was struggling with most was trying to manifest the perfect house into her life.


She had her heart set one specific, very particular house that she had seen. She had fallen in love with this house and was determined that this would be hers – she could see her grandchildren running around the  house and the yard and the whole setting was exactly what she wanted.

The only problem was that the house was not for sale.

She had been visualizing and saying affirmations and doing everything that you’re “supposed” to do to manifest what you want into your life and it just wasn’t working. This house just wasn’t hers. She was frustrated and wanted to know why it wasn’t working, and what else she could do to get this house into her life.

How to manifest a house

I was intrigued and I wrote up a blog post to address her question – it was published a couple of years ago and was called “How to Manifest a House (Or Anything Else)”. I’ll link it in the blog post for today’s podcast, you can find it at www.vibeshifting.com, just search for this episode number which is episode 1612.

So, the gist of the article was that:

  1. you can’t force other people to do things they don’t want to do through Law of Attraction (just as you wouldn’t want other people controlling you or meddling with YOUR life and free will, you can’t mess with other people like that… influence – yes; control – no.); and
  2. that her attachment to THIS PARTICULAR HOUSE was interfering with her ability to manifest THE PERFECT HOUSE for her.

Details are just tools

I talked about how the details we imagine when we use visualization are just a tool – we use the details to help us get excited about the dream, but that the underlying vibe should always be “this or something better” so that Universe has room to work it’s awesome magic on our behalf.

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Focusing on the details might seem like a good thing on the surface (“But how will the Universe know what I want if I don’t tell it exactly, specifically, non-negotiably, what I want?”) But the thing is, that’s not how successful manifesting works; there’s a natural flow to it, and when we start messing with the nitty-gritty details too much it tends to gum it all up and create a tangled mess that’s not at all what we were trying for. Always focus on “this or something better”.

A manifesting success story

So that brings us back to my recent email. The lady I’d written this post for got back to me, a year and a half after the post was written, to give me an update and tell me all about her house manifesting journey. I asked her if I could share her story with you today because I think her experience is something that a lot of people would benefit from, and her struggle with the whole letting go of attachment thing is something that so many of us can relate to.

So here’s what she said.

It was 12. november 2014.

You wrote about: How to manifest a house (or anything else). I read your blog as usual that day and noticed that you had kindly taken my question to your blog. It was a moment I’ll never forget. It took my breath away.

I had put my question in the survey you sent (in a hurry without thinking over my bad English ) and I’m forever so grateful for your answer.

At that time I wasn’t so happy over your answer, because it wasn’t the answer I hoped for. I wanted that particular house so much so I continued to wish that I one day could live there.

It took a while — some months — till I understood at last what you meant. “Your attachment to this particular house is interfering with your ability to manifest the perfect house.”

I’m on Instagram and there I started to say for myself: I’m so happy to have that and that in my life, in my home when I saw a beautiful house or furniture. I started to get excited about what I wanted with thoughts: this or something better.

It was a particular house I longed for. But I didn’t get it.

And one day it happened. I got a much better house. A perfect, incredibly amazing house came my way.

Everything [turned out the way] you wrote: “Trust that everything will happen in the right way, at the right time. Let yourself be open to the possibility of the ‘perfect house’ without it having to be this one.”

Every day I’m enjoying our house and smiling when I remember all the things I wanted in my house.
It has everything I dreamed of and much, much, more.

Thank you, Nathalie; words can’t describe how grateful I am.

So first off, thank you to our Awesome Reader for sending me this update and for letting me share it with the world. I am SO happy for you and so excited about your amazing new house. Yay for you! 🙂

Let go of your attachment to details

And this is such a great example of how powerful letting go of attachment is. Something I talked about in the attachment podcast I did a while back is that when you have less attachment to a particular outcome, or means to an outcome (the “cursed hows” as Mike Dooley likes to call it), the more likely you are to recognize opportunities when they come your way.

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And if you’re not set on things happening in a specific way, you’re more open to them happening in any way. It may seem like a small difference in thinking but it has a HUGE impact on your ability to manifest what you want into your physical reality.

The key to manifesting is letting go of attachment

So next time you’re struggling with manifesting something into your life, I want you to remember this story, and ask yourself if your struggles might be coming from your determination to have things happen in a certain way, rather than leaving yourself open to have them happen in the best way possible. Let go of the attachment, and let the magic happen!

So before we close off this episode, I just want to say that I love, love, LOVE hearing your experiences and success stories – seriously, it absolutely makes my day when you send me your updates like this, so if anyone else has a wicked-awesome success story or amazing experience that they would like to share and maybe have featured, please email me and let me know. There’s also a contact form on my website that you can use as well.

Have a great week everyone!

photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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