You're Here to Be AwesomeI saw a quote the other day that really made me smile. It said: “I’m not here to be average. I’m here to be awesome.” I immediately wrote it out and added it to my Wall of Inspiration (which is basically just a section of wall space near my computer that I have papered with a rainbow-array of sticky-notes covered with inspirational quotes that really resonate with me).

I’m not here to be average. I’m here to be awesome. ~Unknown

I love this quote. I really do. It’s a reminder to me, every day, to bring my “A” game and do the best that I can. It’s a reminder, when I start doubting myself or wondering why things are taking so long, to think about what it is that I’m trying to build. It brings me back to my why and reconnects me with what’s at the heart of my dreams.

Because I’m not interested in average – I want to build something really awesome. I AM building something awesome. And when I take the time to really remind myself of this – even just the few seconds it takes to read that quote – it re-energizes me to keep going.

And I think that’s something that all of us need to find – that magical key or personal mantra that keeps us going through the inevitable rough patches along the road to our dreams. Because there will be days when you doubt. There will be days when you’re beyond exhausted. There will be days when you question your own inner wisdom (and maybe even your sanity). And there will be days when all you want to do is quit and find yourself an easier road.

When that happens, you’ll need that solid base to return to; that little spark that rekindles your spirit and allows you to remember why you started down this road in the first place; that little reminder that reconnects you with all the reasons why you wanted to build this dream in the first place; that steady little flame that tells you “yes, sometimes it’s going to be hard… but you can do this”.

And then you get back up on your feet and you keep going, because you’re not here to settle for a life half-lived; you’re here to live your life to the full. And you’re not here to be average… you’re here to be awesome.

Photo credit: colinaut / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA (modified by me)

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