How Spirit Guides Help You Achieve Your Dreams

I am so excited to bring you an awesome guest post about spirit guides today! This post has been written by the amazing Joanna Hennon, who shares with us how to communicate with our spirit guides to help us achieve our dreams and goals. Joanna says that spirit guides are non-Earthbound souls that we have agreements with, through which both sides are learning.

Our spirit guides are committed to helping us and supporting us through our journeys here. Because they are on a different plane of existence than we are, they have access to more info than we do and can see things from a different perspective. It’s like having friends in high places who are determined to help us achieve what we came here to do. Take it away Joanna…

When I was growing up, I was taught not to set my expectations too high. Life was hard and unfair, I was told. I wasn’t overly pretty or smart. I needed to be realistic about what was achievable for me. Or did I want to end up disappointed?

Disappointment and bitterness seemed to be in my future. I wanted to be a movie star. A Broadway performer. A sought-after criminal lawyer (think L.A. Law). I couldn’t shake the idea that I could do anything I set my mind to.

I believed I was destined for big things. Why was no one rooting for me?

The thing is, someone WAS rooting for me. Which is why I was able to write this post, and why you’re getting to read it. All those years of being nudged towards mediocrity, and yet I still believed that I am special. Because someone kept telling me so.

You have that voice within you too, right? The one that says ‘Yes!’ to your biggest dreams. The one that secretly knows that anything is possible. I think of this voice as a combination of soul and spirit guides – your biggest cheerleaders.

5 tips for communicating with your spirit guides

Here’s how the spirit guides can help you achieve your goals and dreams:

1. You need to let them. This won’t work if you keep resisting greatness, or giving into fear. Yes, being successful can be really scary, and it can bring up a lot of stuff for you. Yes, people can be judgemental about what you’re aiming for. But they’re not the ones you need to listen to, you need to listen to the voice inside you that’s saying you can do this.

2. Learn to listen. There is so much noise in the world, which makes it really hard to hear what’s going on within. Listening to the guides is a learned skill, and it starts with quieting the mind. You can meditate, walk in the forest, or do something with your hands (like drawing or painting). My most recent favourite is colouring in mandalas – search for some online, print them out, and go!

3. Ask questions. It’s easier to hear an answer to something specific than it is to notice random guidance. Learn to ask good questions, and start a conversation with your guides. You can ask your questions through journaling, before you go to sleep, or in meditation. It doesn’t matter, as long as you ask them with intention. Then all you need to do is pay attention so you don’t miss the answer. It might not come in the form you expect!

4. Experiment with how you best receive answers. You can get some oracle cards, you can explore intuitive art, you can keep your mind clear and open when you go running. Different people receive in different ways, and you need to find what’s best for you. The only way to do this is to play around with the possibilities, and do whatever feels right to you.

5. Follow the guidance you receive. You do have free will, of course, but there is no point looking for answers from the spirit guides if you don’t follow what they say. What they want you to do will often feel scary, and that’s because they know that you can play bigger, aim higher, have more. They know that you are good enough, so if you ask them what you should do next, the answer might be outside of your comfort zone. Which is exactly where you need to go if you’re serious about your dreams.

Know that the spirit guides WANT to help you. They are there, always ready. So the choice is always yours. Do you want their support, or not?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know what choice you’re going to make!

Joanna xx

Joanna Hennon bio imageBio: Joanna Hennon is a channel, intuitive creativity guide, soul message interpreter and spiritual teacher. Her mission is to show you that you already have all the wisdom you could ever need, at soul level. Joanna works with the Spirit Guides to guide people on their path, whether that’s leaving a situation that’s not right or building a heart-centered business. Come visit at to meet Joanna and nab a free copy of her 10-step course on connecting with intuition!

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