Law of Attraction in a Nutshell

“What did you say was in this nutshell?!?”

A lot of what I talk about on my podcast and write about on my blog has it’s basis in Law of Attraction theory; many of the principles and strategies that I use are energy-based and presume that the biggest factor that impacts the experiences we have in life is what’s happening inside our own minds. But I’ve never really gone into much detail about it all, so today I thought I’d explain all of that for you as kind of Cliff’s Notes, Law of Attraction in a nutshell thing.

So, what is Law of Attraction? If you’re listening to this podcast or reading my blog, then you’ve probably already come across the term in your own research, so the phrase itself should be familiar to you. The idea of a Law of Attraction has been around for thousands of years, but was only recently popularized when a little book called The Secret pretty much exploded onto the self-help and personal development scene. The Secret started off as a documentary-style movie, spearheaded by Rhonda Byrne, who later turned it into the book, and who would later go on to publish several additional books on the same topic based on the overwhelming success of that original movie. She wasn’t the first to be working with the first, but she was the first to really bring together a group of experts and package them all up in as easily accessible format for the masses, and I still recommend the book version of The Secret as one of the first points of reference for people who are just starting down the path of self-discovery; it’s highly inspirational and a very good introduction to all of this stuff.

But what, exactly is the Law of Attraction? At its core, Law of Attraction is nothing more than the idea that what we put out into the world is what comes back to us; “as within, so without”. Whatever is happening inside of us gets mirrored in our actual experience of the world around us. If we are negative and angry on the inside, we will perceive and experience the world to be negative and angry. If we are loving and optimistic on the inside, we will perceive and experience the world to be loving and optimistic as well.

It’s all about the vibration

Why is this? It is because everything is connected. You, me, the trees, the cat, the rocks, the stars, other planets, the Universe itself. We are all connected. All… One. We are all a part of a vast energy field that connects and permeates everything (which sounds an awful lot like the Force, from Star Wars, doesn’t it?) Everything, at its core, is a form of energy. You are made up of molecules, which are made up of atoms, which are made up of protons and electrons, which are made up of quarks, which are held together by gluons… smaller and smaller we go until we come to “strings”, and it is how those strings vibrate that determines whether we see light or physical objects or if we feel heat or hear sound; it’s the way in which those strings are vibrating on the tiniest imaginable scale that determines how we interpret that energy on the visible, accessible scale of our lives.

And because everything is part of this one enormous energy field, built completely out of those tiny little strings, every single thought and action we produce ripples out through that field and affects every other part of that field. What you send out there echoes back towards you through that field. Send out lower energy, get lower energy back. Send out higher energy, get higher energy back. Send out bad vibes, get them back. Send out good vibes, get them back. You attract into your life what you give.

And that is Law of Attraction in a nutshell.


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