The Importance of Doing

Everybody has a dream; unfortunately, however, not everyone will see that dream become a reality. Why? Because not everyone is going to move out of the dreaming stage and into the creating stage, that’s why. Dreams in and of themselves are not enough. Believing in your dream is not enough. Visualizing and watching “The Secret” is not enough. If you ever want to start living that dream of yours, you have to start taking action to make that dream come true. Today’s podcast is all about the importance of doing – moving that dream out of the realm of fantasy and into world of actuality.

Positive thinking is a wonderful tool for inspiring yourself to take action towards your dream, but they key is to actually get to the action part of things. In today’s episode I talk about three reasons why action is so important, and how getting started on even the smallest of steps forward is going to have a big impact on making your dreams come true and building the life that you’ve always wanted for yourself.

It’s so easy to get stuck in stall mode, and just let time pass you by while you wish for better things to come your way. But the reality of the situation is this: you aren’t going to get that time back, and if you want those better things for yourself, you gotta reach out and grab ‘em – get out there and start building them! Right now. Today.

I cannot overstate the importance of doing, or how big the impact of even baby steps toward your dream can be. If you’ve been floundering and feeling stuck, then you owe it to yourself to listen in to this one. Go ahead and press the play button:


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