How Badly Do You Want It?About that big dream of yours… what’s it worth to you, and how badly do you want it? Are you willing to go the distance to make it happen or is it just one of those things you like to think about as a “maybe someday”… a pretty little bauble that you like to keep on a shelf, only occasionally dusting it off to stare into its beautiful, sparkly depths.

Here’s the thing. Tomorrow, we are officially into November. In two months’ time, 2014 will be over. An entire year will have gone by and a new one will begin. What have you done so far this year to get yourself closer to turning your big dream into reality? That wonderful vision that you have for yourself and your life – how much closer are you to actually living it? Have you honestly done everything you know you could have done to start building the foundation for what you really want in life? Or did you keep everything status quo, telling yourself you had all year and you’d “get to it later?”


I want you to really look inside your heart here, and ask yourself if you’ve done everything you could (while still meeting your other responsibilities, of course) to build that vision? Have you honestly given everything that you had in you to give, taken all the action you knew you were capable of taking to make it happen?

What is it that you really want?

I’m guessing that you haven’t. Don’t worry – I’m not nagging, and there’s no judgement here. The truth is, most of us will NOT have done anywhere near what we were capable of doing this year. We are all guilty of this – we all get overwhelmed sometimes, we all let opportunities pass us by sometimes, and we all let fear override our plans sometimes. Everyone is busy, and everyone is tired, and sometimes it’s just so much easier to let things slide with a Netflix binge rather than work towards something that still seems so impossibly, discouragingly, far away.

And sometimes, that kind of downtime is just what we need to regenerate and recharge our batteries so we can continue our journeys. But when these downtimes start happening frequently, or when they last too long, you have to start asking yourself why. And you have to take a good look at that dream of yours. Is it still what you really want? If not, that’s OK – your dreams are allowed to change, and if it’s not what you want anymore, then figure out what it is that you do want.

But if it is what you want, then you really do need to ask yourself how badly you actually want it. You need to ask yourself if you’re really committed to the dream, or if you’re just interested in it, because there is a BIG difference between just liking an idea, and actually being committed to it.

Are you just interested or are you committed?

When it comes to your dream — that vision you have in your head of what you’d like your life to be like — if you don’t want it enough to go all out; if you’re not willing to go the distance and put everything you’ve got into making it happen; if you’re not prepared to take risks to see it through, then you’re not committed to it, you’re just interested in it.

Interest is OK. It’s good to be interested in things. But “interested” doesn’t build dreams, and dabblers are not the architects of greatness. Only commitment can turn a dream into reality.

For example, a lot of people like the idea of running your own business and being your own boss, but only committed people are willing to go the distance, put in the hours, take the risks, accept full responsibility for success or failure, and be comfortable enough with the lack of security, stability (and pension and benefits packages) to make it happen. When people realize that an entrepreneur’s ability to pay her bills, buy her groceries, and meet her mortgage payments is entirely her own responsibility, that entrepreneurial shine tends to wear off rather quickly for most people.

Commitment means taking action

Most people like to daydream about things, but they’re not willing to put in the kind of work and take the kind of risks that are necessary to actually build those dreams. The ones that are willing to do what it takes prove it with their actions. If you say that you want something, but your actions aren’t backing that up, then you don’t want it badly enough. You need to align your actions with what you say you want if you ever expect to have anything to show for it.

Success does not happen overnight. Ever. Success comes from years of dedication and willingness to do the work necessary to actually build in reality, that vision that once existed only in your mind. Ya gotta be willing to walk the talk if you really want to live that dream.

A preview of next week’s special edition show!

Next week I’ll be broadcasting a special edition of The Vibe Shifting Show. I’m going to be making a big announcement next week, so you don’t want to miss that show. I’m also going to tell you how you can “save” this year and still pull off some incredible, dream-building miracles before the curtain closes. You do this, and you will KNOW without doubt that YOU CAN make your dream come true for yourself. You do this, and it’s going to start shifting everything for you.

But it all starts with YOU. You have to decide whether your dream means enough to you to actually go for it. So, what I want you to do this week is take some time to sit down and think about it. What kind of life do you really want for yourself? What is that dream of yours that you’ve been holding on to for so long? Is it important enough that you’re willing to go all out and start taking big steps towards it? Or are you happy to leave things just as they are and let that dream go (that’s OK, too, but you need to be clear in your own mind about what it is you really want).

So I’m going to ask you one more time: How badly do you want it?

photo credit: (c) Can Stock Photo

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