When You Feel Like Giving Up

Sometimes, on the way to a dream you get stuck. You hit that wall where you’ve been pouring everything you’ve got into this thing, and you still have nothing to show for it, and you feel so lost. Your sense of purpose is gone, you have no idea what to do next, and you can barely motivate yourself to get out of bed and get through the day. It feels like your dream is never going to happen and you feel like giving up.

And then it gets worse. You doubt yourself completely. You feel discouraged and despondent. And you wonder why you ever thought you could make it in the first place. You feel stupid for thinking you had what it takes to turn this dream of yours into something real. All this effort you’ve been expending, pouring your heart and soul into it… and nothing seems to be happening. That dream of yours seems just as distant as it did when you first started.

And so you start to wonder what the point is. “Why bother?” you ask yourself. Why keep putting yourself through this? You’re exhausted and you’re burnt out and you think that maybe all those people who told you this was a stupid idea might have been right after all. And all you want to do is cry because you don’t know what else to do. Because even though you’re thinking about giving up right now, on some level you know you still want that dream. And the thought of giving up on it for good hurts more than you’re willing to admit.

Never give upBut you don’t know what to do. What you’re doing isn’t working. If it was, wouldn’t there be some indication by now that things were working? Wouldn’t there be some progress to show for it? Shouldn’t something be happening?

But what if something is happening, but it’s behind the scenes where you just can’t see it yet? What if you’re right on the edge of something huge? What if that breakthrough you’ve been seeking is right over the next hill or around the next obstacle? What if success is closer than you can possibly imagine?

Sometimes dreams take time. And sometimes, on that road to get there, when you’re feeling lost and alone, it can seem like they’re never going to happen for you. But the way to guarantee that they won’t is to give up on them. When you feel like giving up, remember that a lot can happen between now and never. And if you can’t stop thinking about that dream, then don’t stop working for it.

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photo credit: never give up - unknown source / Pinterest

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