Why You Need to Rest, Recuperate and Realign
So, I’m starting a new thing here on Vibe Shifting. I think I’ll call it #MantraMinded. Every week I’ll be posting an article focused on one specific word or quote – something that has resonated with me over the prior week and made me stop and think. I’ll share my thoughts on it, and I invite you to use the mantra as a meditation or focus point during the week to help you in your own journey, as well.

Today’s mantra is: REST.

If you’re overwhelmed and exhausted

If you’re feeling battered and bruised by the chaos and unexpected traumas of the past year, you’re not alone. In talking to other light worker types recently and what they’re seeing with their readers, it’s clear that so many of us are approaching these final days of 2016 with feelings of exhaustion and resignation rather than the hope and optimism that normally characterize the start of a New Year.

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In many ways, it’s been one hell of a year. And that can take a toll. And it’s only natural that as the year draws to close and we start looking back on all the events of the past twelve month, we start to feel overwhelmed by it all. Maybe we didn’t notice it before because we were in the “keep on keepin’ on” mode and just felt the need to get through it all.

But when we finally hit that wall, it can make us question everything we thought we knew and everything we thought we believed in.

Stop fighting

In such times – when we’re feeling drained and hopeless – the best thing to do is stop fighting it. There comes a point when we realize that fighting the overwhelm just adds to its power.

Instead, we need to step fully into it. Let it wash over us and acknowledge whatever it is that we are feeling. Admit to ourselves that we’re feeling down. Admit that we’re fearful or despairing. Admit that we’re exhausted and in need of a break from it all.

Because that’s the first step in finding your way through it.

Allow yourself to rest and recuperate

So be gentle with yourself right now, and allow yourself the respite that you need. Letting yourself rest and recuperate gives you the time you need to heal your psychic wounds, replenish your energy reserves, and realign yourself with Who You Really Are.

Don’t force yourself into feelings or activities you’re just not ready for right now. If you need to withdraw from your usual social scene, then do so without guilt or apology.

Mantra Minded - Rest

You can’t give what you don’t have

It’s not a crime to look after yourself – it’s a necessity. Remember that you can only give what you already have. When you’re drained, you’re no use to anyone else anyways. Do what you need to do to return to yourself and “refill” your energy reserves.

Sleep whenever you can and allow your mind and body to regenerate so that you are able to let this year go and step fully into the next when it arrives.

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Rest is not a bad thing. And admitting it to yourself when you need it is the wisest thing you can do. Set your boundaries – don’t let others override your own needs in this matter and give yourself whatever time you need.

You can only go for so long

When our minds and bodies call out for rest, we can only ignore it and force ourselves to keep going for so long before are made to take the rest we need. And that kind of crash usually comes in the form of illness or other breakdown. And that, in turn, puts us out of commission for far longer than we would otherwise have been, had we just heeded that little whisper within us in the first place.

So use these last few days of the year to take a step back from the hustle and bustle. Don’t try to plan out your new year or worry about the old one right now. Don’t try to make any critical decisions. And don’t push yourself further than you absolutely have to.

Instead, just stop. Stop and be still. Let the world move on around you while you go within.

The time for action will come again soon. But for now, take this time for yourself. Let it all go and just rest…

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photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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