Living Your Dream in 2014Today’s show is all about living your dream in 2014! More importantly, it’s about all the reasons why that dream of yours is so important and why you should be making it a priority over the coming year.

In the last few blog posts, I’ve talked about year-end reviews and techniques for planning to make this year your best year yet. We’ve talked about dealing with doubts and we’ve talked about using your touchstones to guide you on your way. You’ve also got your copy of Life Shifting, my free eBook that’s loaded with even more strategies for helping you implement all the changes you’ve been wanting to make (you have picked that up by now, and actually read it, right? 😉 ) So you have lots and lots of tools for helping you to actually get started down your path to success and general awesomeness this year.

But today is less about the tools and more about the mindset. It’s about helping you to understand why you have the dreams you do; it’s about acknowledging your own unique place in this world; it’s about understanding how the things and experiences that you want to create for yourself inspire other people to follow their own dreams; and it’s about how all of our dreams work together to shape the world we live in.

Today’s episode is about giving yourself permission to dream, and it’s about inspiring you to make the decision to make it happen. Click the play button below, and make today the day you decide to start living your dream. Let’s do this thing…


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