The Alternative to WillpowerAnyone who has ever been on a diet can attest to the fact that willpower is tough thing to master. In fact, I’d actually go so far to say that willpower is more or less useless when it comes to achieving your goals. Why? Because willpower is unreliable. And it takes way too much effort to try and keep it going. Fortunately, the alternative to willpower is habit formation, and it can be harnessed fairly easily and even with a little bit of fun!

Habits are critical to success because when something becomes a habit, you do it on automatic, without having to think about it. It’s just a part of your life that gets handled as part of your regular routine. So if there’s something that you’re trying to achieve (like getting more exercise or meditating daily, for instance) the key to making it happen for you is turn your actions into habits. And this is just what I’ve been using a neat little online tool I found to help me do! I’ve personally used this tool (it’s totally free, and even has both Android and iPhone app versions) to successfully form a regular habit of daily exercise – not something I’ve ever managed to do before, despite many failed attempts.

If you’ve been struggling trying make any real progress towards your goal, then maybe it’s because you’ve been doing the same thing I was: fighting a losing battle with your willpower instead of working on the far more reliable alternative of habit formation. Click on the play button below to get all the details of the awesome little tool that made the difference for me, and then give it a try yourself and let me know how it goes!


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