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Manifesting what you want is as simple as playing the matrix!

Who the heck is Mike Dooley, and what the heck does he have to do with playing The Matrix you ask? First off, I’m not talking about that Matrix (apologies to Morpheus and Neo fans). I’m talking about the deliberate creation matrix (more on that below). And for those who don’t know yet, Mike is the creator of the Notes from the Universe (if you’re not subscribed to them yet, you really should be). He’s one of my biggest inspirations as far as Law of Attraction goes, and he’s the guy behind the phrase “thoughts become things.”

I first came across Mike Dooley when I read The Secret (again, if you haven’t read it, you should). He was one of the “gurus” featured in both the book and the movie version, and I was intrigued enough by what he talked about to go look up his stuff. He’s got a bunch of books out – all are worth reading, but my favourite is his first one: Infinite Possibilities. He’s got a great way of explaining what he thinks we’re all doing here… it’s like the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything (but this time it’s not 42 😉 ).

About Mike Dooley and Playing the Matrix

The matrix that Mike developed is basically a how-to snapshot of how deliberate creation really works, and explains why it seems that sometimes we’re able to manifest what we want while other times it doesn’t seem to pan out for us (hint: it has to do with those areas in which you’re messing with the details and insisting on things happening in a specific way… which rarely works out the way you want it to!) By learning how to play the matrix, you learn exactly what to concentrate your efforts and energy on, and what not to concentrate your energy on, so that you know how and what you’re really manifesting for yourself. The matrix helps you to understand what it is you really want in life, so that you can focus yourself on the right things in order to get it.

Anyhow, on Saturday, I had the wonderful experience of being able to attend one of Mike’s live events as he brought his fourth world tour of Playing the Matrix through. It rocked, and if you have a chance to go see him, you should definitely make it a point to go – it was such an inspirational day, and Mike himself is a fantastic speaker (and a former Toastmaster, I might add).

So, because I’m still on a high from my awesomely inspired weekend, I figured I’d start the week by sharing some of the notes I took from the conference…

Ten Things I Learned From Playing the Matrix

Insight #1: “Life is not something that happens to you, you happen to life.”

Insight #2: Thy will be done. (What you focus on you get — Every. Single. Time.)

Insight #3: Be open to finding your truth wherever and whenever it may come to you, whether it’s in holy books, greeting cards or overheard conversations. Wherever you find the truths that resonate with you, treasure them like the precious jewels they are.

Insight #4 When trying to manifest something in your life, understand that you cannot insist on specific people doing specific things. You cannot manipulate others, just as you would not want other people manipulating you.

Insight #5: If there is something that you want to manifest in your life, state it generally and do not attach yourself to specific details. Use the details to get you excited about the big picture, but don’t insist on those exact details. (Details come and go, they’re just there to help you get excited about the concept of “something like this or better!”) Details are tool, not a result.

Insight #6: Visualizing is done to create a mold that the Universe can fill for you. You don’t have to do the heavy work, and you don’t need to know all the details about how it’s going to happen. Just let the Universe know what you want and then let it do it’s thing.

Insight #7: If you had to travel for three hours to some place you’ve never been, everything would look unfamiliar and strange to you, and you wouldn’t be sure you were on the right path until you had actually arrived at your destination.  Just because you can’t see your dream or outcome yet, doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path or that you’re not going to get there. Unless you stop mid-journey, give up in defeat and turn around.

Insight #8: Even if you’re “off track”, the Universe is constantly and instantly recalculating new paths and shortcuts for you, just like a GPS system on a car. Even if you take a different path from what you started on, if you’re still clear on your destination, the Universe will “recalculate” and find a new path to that destination.

Insight #9: “Sucky dirt paths turn into yellow brick roads.” Even if seems like everything is falling apart around you, it may well be that better things are falling into place through this, and the things that you are learning in the awful times may be exactly what you need to create your next freaking awesome chapter.

Insight #10: We are of the Universe, and pure Universe. The reason we don’t remember any of this is because we deliberately chose not to remember, so that we could the experience mortal life to the max. “’Amnesia’ ignites passion, inspires dreams and sparks adventure!” (Where’s the fun if you’re omnipotent… you can only win the lottery so many times in a row before it gets boring!) Our life here in space/time is like being in a movie theatre – you want it dark so you can concentrate on the screen without being distracted by everything else around you; it allows you to see and experience the movie better. And when the movie is over, you return to yourself, having been entertained and enriched by the experience.

So there you have it. Ten insights gained from Playing the Matrix Live with Mike Dooley. Again, if you have a chance to catch it, I highly recommend it. He’s still got a few dates on this tour coming up in 2014. And definitely sign up for the Notes – they get delivered to your inbox every weekday morning and there will be times when you will be astounded at how accurate and relevant they are to your own life. And they’ll always make you smile.

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